Schedule of MCQ based Online Examinations.

FAQ for Mock Test (Frequently asked questions) / अधिकतर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

यदि आपका कैमरा सही तरीके से काम नहीं कर रहा है तो निम्न बिंदुओं पर ध्यान दे एवं फिर से मॉक टेस्ट करें ।

  1. iphone / ipad इस परीक्षा के लिए काम नहीं करेगा
  2. आपके मोबाइल पर Google Chrome / Mozila Firefox ब्राउज़र का लेटेस्ट अपडेटेड वर्जन होना चाहिए ।
  3. Google Chrome ब्राउज़र को अपडेट कैसे करे यहाँ क्लिक कर के देखे |
  4. अपने मोबाइल या लैपटॉप पर कैमरे की अनुमति कैसे दें, इस वीडियो को देखें। --> यहाँ क्लिक कर के देखे |
  5. यदि समस्या बनी रहती है, तो वैकल्पिक हार्डवेयर की व्यवस्था करें।

In case candidates find any problem in logging in through the University website they can login directly through the link
विश्वविद्यालय की वेबसाइट से अगर लॉग इन करने में समस्या आ रही हो तो परीक्षार्थी निम्नलिखित लिंक से भी लॉगिन कर सकते हैं:

  1. Candidates must obtain the dates of examination from the latest date sheet uploaded on the University website i.e.

  2. Candidates must keep with them the following documents on the day of examination:

    1. Any one of the authorized photo IDs (Must be original, valid and none expired) – PAN Card / Driving License / Voter ID / Passport / Aadhaar Card.

  3. Read the guidelines and instructions carefully and Login 30 minutes before the exam.

  4. University will conduct objective type (MCQ) exam – In this type of examination, Candidates must give correct answer out of 4 options given.

    Questions Based (MCQ). Each question shall carry 01 mark and total no of question shall be as per maximum theory marks (external only) of the paper e.g.

    1. For 80 marks, 80 MCQs

    2. For 70 marks, 70 MCQs

    3. For 60 marks, 60 MCQs

    4. For 40 marks, 40 MCQs

  5. Maximum time allowed to attempt the paper shall be equal to total numbers of questions to be attempted X 45 Seconds, e.g.

    1. For 80 MCQs, Total time = 60 Minutes

    2. For 70 MCQs, Total time = 53 Minutes

    3. For 60 MCQs, Total time = 45 Minutes

    4. For 40 MCQs, Total time = 30 Minutes

  6. The candidate is not allowed to return back to the question, if it has been submitted / attempted or skipped once, to prevent malpractice. So candidate should move to the next question after complete decision on each question

  7. Do's

    1. Photograph clicked must be of good quality.

    2. You have to make sure that your laptop / desktop have proper charge, power backup and proper Internet connectivity. Power point available in the room must be functional. Make sure that your system's webcam and speakers are working properly.

    3. Online exams are strictly monitored and are recorded. Candidates must ensure that their webcam Device and speaker should be in On-mode throughout the entire examination.

    4. You should keep your mobile phone in the silent mode. Switch off all notifications like SMS, Whatsapp etc. on your mobile phone.

  8. Don't

    1. Do not try to move away from the main screen. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam

    2. You are not allowed to talk to anyone while your exam is being conducted, as Real Time Monitoring is being done by software. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam.

    3. Do not try to cover your camera or unplug the external camera from the system.

    4. You are not allowed to start the test from multiple devices at a time. Doing so will automatically terminate your exam.

    5. You must not use headphones, ear buds or any other type of hearing equipment. Do not open any other application on your laptop or mobile while attempting the question paper.

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